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What are the best food and wine pairings?

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Written by Ziena Shankar

Did you know, humankind has been drinking wine for almost 10,000 years now?


In those years, there have been many different food pairings made to make the experience of drinking wine all the more enjoyable. Generally, the wine should have the same flavour intensity as the food it is being paired with.

With the right food and wine pairing, a perfect balance between the dish components and the characteristics of the wine can be appreciated (Wine Folly 2020). Let’s discuss some of these.

Red Wine

The versatile red wine. Typically best served with rich and heavy foods with bold flavours, like red meat and cheese, when it is full-bodied. However, when lighter, can also be paired with white meat or fish.

White Wine

Due to its overall lightness in comparison to most red wines, white wines are commonly paired with white meat like chicken and seafoods like fish. The light intensity of these foods balances the light flavour of the white wines it is usually paired with.

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