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What is the most expensive bottle of wine in the world?

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Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (DRC)

Written by Ziena Shankar

Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, AKA DRC, is known for its age-worthy wine and as one of the most respected and prestigious names in the wine world.

Capturing the hearts of many, DRC wines is one of the world’s most valuable and collectable wines. There is a strong line of history, traditions, and lineage within DRC with the current Chef de Cave (head winemaker of the Domain), André Noblet, having taken over from his father, Bernard Noblet, in 1985 after he had taken care of the cellar for 45 years prior (Vino Vest 2021).

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The most expensive bottle of wine

With a vegetal note that evolves into a rose petal aroma with age (Vino Vest 2021), DRC wines have been auctioned at some of the highest prices in the world.

In October 18 at a Sotheby’s New York auction, two bottle of DRC’s 1945 Romanée Conti were sold for US$558,000 (AU$774,000) and US$496,000 (AU$688,233).

The reason why these two bottles were so highly valued? They were the only two bottles produced by the winery in 1945!

In July 2021, a 6-litre Methuselah bottle of DRC’s 1999 Romanée Conti was also auctioned at Sotheby’s Hong Kong auction for US$272,000 (AU$377,317), which was double its estimated value.

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