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Meet the Founder: Nathalie Taquet – Origin Stories for eBottli

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Nathalie Taquet from eBottli

When you gently shake the glass, you definitely don’t want to taste  fake and dodgy booze that contains no grape at all.

As a French-born, Adelaide-based founder, Nathalie Taquet is no stranger to this increasingly worrying situation where buyers purchase wines from popular e-commerce sites, and  they unwittingly end up with counterfeit bottles.

Her passion for the wine industry began on her family-owned winery in the Burgundy wine region  three hours south of Paris.  After 15 years of experience working in scientific research in Nestlé Skin Health, supplemented by a PhD in Life Sciences, Nathalie decided to create something new,  her own business where she could be be one step ahead.

Carrying only five suitcases, Nathalie and her family took a huge leap of faith and got their start in Sydney. She began by launching– Bottli, a business that aims to deliver premium and luxury French and Australian wines to people’s doorstep whilst also alerting consumers about the dangers of  fraudsters in the wine market.

Accompanied by a grant from the new SISA (Supporting Innovation in SA) program and attractive incentives from the SA government, Nathalie was drawn to South Australia’s growing international reputation for wine and moved to its capital city of Adelaide to establish a new business – eBottli.

To further develop her business experience, she has completed an executive MBA and some residential work in Brazil, China, the United States and France. Together with her husband Nicolas to support her with his experience in technology and IoT, they are looking to share their expertise and make a contribution to the Australian wine industry.

eBottli provide digital solutions for winegrowers and winemakers

eBottli is now working with 12 clients across Australia, including vineyards in the quality wine regions of McLaren Vale and Barossa Valley. With a suite of new tracking and blockchain technologies, geolocating services and unique identifier labels,  itguarantees the authenticity of the particularly vulnerable artisan wine makers and also allows wine drinkers to connect with the vineyard by scanning the label and reading the story behind the wine.

Nathalie Taquet, who is also on the Board of French Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has future plans to eventually expand eBottli’s technology to reach to other key wine export markets and help to against the fraudulent practices worldwide.
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