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Woodstock Wines

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Written by Miriam Laurovics

Woodstock’s fruit is grown across 60 acres in the luxuriant hills of McLaren Vale. They bring
an asset to the McLaren Vale region with its rich 3 generation history and culture. The
property was founded in the early 20th century by a family that named the business after their
hometown in England.

Today the business is run by a small close-knit family, including two brothers, aged 29 and
30. It all started when grandpa turned his passions into reality and made it his retirement
project to become a diligent and successful winemaker. In 1982, he bought the estate and
drove the winery market by developing the first-ever winery restaurant in McLaren Vale. This
was a huge step for the family which projected many risks, but the property attracted big

Woodstock have taken advantage of their extensive grounds and have extended their
offerings with multiple tourist experiences. Today, people can book their venue for
weddings and functions as well as taste their award-winning wines with great food from
their Coterie Wine Bar & Kitchen. As the cherry on the top, guests can get a close look at
some beautiful native Australian animals that are on the land. They have recently
introduced a Winemaker Tour, where guests can exclusively taste 8 wines right in the
heart of the vineyard and learn more about the viticulture practices, winemaking
principles, and the history of Woodstock Wines.

Their nationwide best seller is the Pilot’s View Shiraz that is a great companion with various
foods. This bottle pays tribute to their grandfather and encompasses a lot of character with
its tang, tannin, and oak taste. Treat yourself and purchase your bottle here:

The family-owned Woodstock brand has a strong vision for the years ahead and are
continuously thinking of ways to bring the true wine essence and experience to life. For more
information, visit:

Enjoy a Woodstock wine today!