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Customer Stories: Warehouse Management Solution

Discover how a successful Australian company merged three warehouses with the help of eBottli

eBottli is at the forefront of Digital Food Transformation and Sustainable Food Tech, offering comprehensive solutions for the food and beverage industry. With a focus on Efficient Asset Tracking, Process Traceability Solutions, and Paperless Factory Technology, we drive Food Industry Automation and introduce IoT in Agriculture for a Sustainable Supply Chain. Our innovative Digital Workflow Management ensures Food Sector Innovation, Smart Agriculture Solutions, and Industry-Specific Digitalization. eBottli stands for Transparent Food Operations, Farm-to-Table Efficiency, and provides cutting-edge eBottli Tech Solutions for Food Industry Compliance. Experience seamless Digital Traceability Tools, Innovative Production Management, and IoT Integration in Food for Streamlined Food Processing. Join us in reshaping the future of the food and beverage industry with technology that drives efficiency, sustainability, and operational excellence.

Challenge: Centralising and Digitising a merge

Merging 3 different warehouses
Paper Centric Record Keeping
ERP system working in silo

Inheriting existing operational outdated process.

Stock and inventory management was done on paper, causing weekly stock-outs and bad deliveries due to human error.

Disconnection between the daily warehouse and administrative tasks made the processes very manual and time consuming.

Solution: eBottli's Stock & Inventory Tracking

eBottli designed an end-to-end customisable solution, 
to optimise operations, organise localisation and improve operation traceability

Automated Process
Mobile solution

eBottli provided QR codes to promote accuracy indoors or outdoors. Resulting in exact location, movement, time & duration, history and stock control for business owner.

Digitizing warehouse operations with automated processes, and improved process analysis increased transparency and accountability. eBottli provided Business Process Management Notion (BPMN) to provide a standardized visual language for modeling business processes with clear and concise communication.

Mobile solution roll-out with ERP access and integration for Warehouse workers. Real-time traceability user experience with unique identifiers during manufacturing and up to dispatch. 

Saved 2 hours a day
Checklist implementation
Dynamic Product Reporting

This has enabled us to save more than 2 hours a day and to have real-time access to stock quantities and their location.

Checklists help keep warehouse workers in check with day-to-day tasks, delegated work, and forward workload. 

Make data-driven decisions through eBottli’s dynamic product reporting suite. Be prepared for upcoming audits to assist with sustainability and compliance with regulations.

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