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Customer Stories: Reception and food transformation

Discover how you can transform your operation management process with the help of eBottli

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Challenge: Keeping up with orders and manual stock management existing processes

Business Expansion
Manual Stock Management
Ingredient Traceability

Increased number of orders was getting challenging to manage.

Existing manual process no longer complimented the growth with orders and stock management.

Up to 11 ingredients to track and trace in the transformation process in case of food recall.

Solution: eBottli Unique Identifier

eBottli transformed this family business by digitizing and streamlining their stock management and operations processes

Unique identifier
Automatic Alerts
Real time information
Sales visibility

When each ingredient is received, a unique identifier tracks the origin of the ingredient in case of food recall.

Automatic alerts help anticipate orders, manage product re-orders, and anticipate expiry dates.

Cloud-based synchronized data enabling accessibility by workers via their mobile devices, promoting real-time collaboration.

Visibility of sales and  strategy can be made depending on priorities. We support scalability with flexible solutions.

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