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Customer Stories: Oak Transportation

Discover why
an oak producer implemented shipment tracking with eBottli

An oak producer with local and international operations, has partnered with eBottli to deliver a cutting-edge IoT Tracking solution.

eBottli provides smart, effective, and compliant real-time workflow management software to save money and time and reduce paperwork for sustainable food and wine production and manufacturing industry.

Challenge: Shipment Logistic Visibility

Logistics Flow
Product Provenance
Accurate Customer Product Information

Real-time tracking of customer products, shipments and shipping conditions facilitate increased security, transparency, efficiency, and brand protection requirements.

Minimising asset loss due to misplacement, theft and shipment idling was challenging to anticipate and solve.

Monitoring the entire product journey in depth from the moment it left the warehouse was not possible real-time.

Solution: eBottli's Shipment Tracking

eBottli designed and developed an end-to-end customized solution to track assets seamlessly indoor and outdoor

loT Trackers

Monitor location with GPS
accuracy, whether indoors or outdoors. Exact location by satellite, time & duration, trip history with exact route and kilometers traveled.

Track your assets by satellite in real time and optimize your supply chain process with our advanced geotracker IoT solutions. Gain visibility into your shipments, automate alerts, and proactively manage potential disruptions.

Ensure quality control and compliance with our advanced temperature sensor solutions. Monitor temperature in real-time, automate alerts, and gain valuable insights into your warehouse operations.

Track and Trace

Protect your goods during container transportation with our cutting-edge movement sensor solutions. Monitor movement real-time, automate alerts, and ensure your goods arrive at their destination in optimal condition.

Optimise your supply chain process with our comprehensive transportation tracking and tracing solutions. Gain real-time visibility into your shipments, automate alerts, and proactively manage potential disruptions.

Protect your goods during transportation with our cutting-edge container humidity sensor solutions. Monitor humidity levels inside containers real-time, and automate alerts to ensure your goods arrive in optimal condition.

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